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Vinny Gennaro Combo

      The VGC is proud to announce its newt CD release with tunes from the  2018 and 2019 sessions. ..

It's Here...

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.....Plus five BONUS Tracks ----  available now .

Run Time:  58:17          ( 5 bonus tracks: )




Vincent Scalia - Guitar
Edward DeGennaro - Vibraphone
Arthur DeGennaro - Drums
Anthony Napoli - Bass
Sarah Grace Wall - Percussion

Executive Producer - Auguisto Goetz (Bruta Bestia Broadcasting)


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Listening To Playback


Vinny: Guitarist / Bartender


Digital Setup / Playback (2013)

Ed at Vibe

Vinny at Guitar

Tony: Bass /  Recording

Art: Drums



     Clips from Bruta Bestia Broadcasting produced video from circa. 1977 plus clips from the home movie (8mm) collections of family and friends. Available at .

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